The Great Gatsby Introduction and Synthesis Paper

EDIT: This is the most popular post here, so I am going to update the list of articles from time to time. Some links no longer work. See the end of this post for my most recent list, as well as prompts with articles (Word documents). I am eternally grateful to my high school English… Continue reading The Great Gatsby Introduction and Synthesis Paper

Murder in the Cathedral Introduction

There is an odd lack of teaching resources designed for this play. The resources that exist are mostly historical background, which is helpful, but there are very few close-reading guided questions, discussion questions, activities, and projects. My usual go-to site for teaching activities left me hanging. So I have had to make up activities for this… Continue reading Murder in the Cathedral Introduction

Grapes of Wrath Introduction

My teaching schedule is a little odd for 11th grade – I do not see them at all on Monday and Tuesday and then have three hours with them on Wednesday. This makes for a long day for both them and me, but it allows me to do things with them I otherwise would not… Continue reading Grapes of Wrath Introduction