Socratic Seminar: Best Practices

I didn’t try to organize a Socratic Seminar for a long time because I couldn’t figure out how it works. So here is my list of best practices, especially for beginners: Watch this video: Have your students also watch the video (it helps them to see students their own age actually doing this). The best… Continue reading Socratic Seminar: Best Practices

Discipline Tracking System

In a teacher meeting one day, we were discussing the ever-increasing difficulty of tracking discipline issues, especially the minor ones – uniform violations, tardies, using headphones in between classes. These are the small actions that teachers most loathe dealing with – who wants to be looking at students’ socks when class starts? Who can remember… Continue reading Discipline Tracking System

The Things They Carried – Activities

The Things They Carried, by Tim O’Brien, is one of those stories from high school lit class that I remember thinking, Wow, I am sure glad they made me read this one. I would have probably never chosen it on my own. But isn’t that what literature class and learning in general is for –… Continue reading The Things They Carried – Activities