Plot and Character for 10th graders

I often tell my 10 graders that 10th grade English is 9th grade English on steroids. In fact, from here on out, nothing will be completely new. Literary devices, poetry analysis, how to write an essay, how to use MLA citations – these topics will be rehashed in some form every year until you graduate.… Continue reading Plot and Character for 10th graders

Socratic Seminar: Best Practices

I didn’t try to organize a Socratic Seminar for a long time because I couldn’t figure out how it works. So here is my list of best practices, especially for beginners: Watch this video: Have your students also watch the video (it helps them to see students their own age actually doing this). The best… Continue reading Socratic Seminar: Best Practices

Discipline Tracking System

In a teacher meeting one day, we were discussing the ever-increasing difficulty of tracking discipline issues, especially the minor ones – uniform violations, tardies, using headphones in between classes. These are the small actions that teachers most loathe dealing with – who wants to be looking at students’ socks when class starts? Who can remember… Continue reading Discipline Tracking System

The Things They Carried – Activities

The Things They Carried, by Tim O’Brien, is one of those stories from high school lit class that I remember thinking, Wow, I am sure glad they made me read this one. I would have probably never chosen it on my own. But isn’t that what literature class and learning in general is for –… Continue reading The Things They Carried – Activities